The Scaffolding Division of Simples Oil & Gas provides scaffolding services to the oil and gas industry in Angola. We are deeply committed to providing a quality service in accordance with the OSHA guidelines and our clients' specific requirements, while maintaining safety as out top priority.

We use Peri system, which is lighter, stronger and more efficient than any other system available on the market. Along with our highly trained scaffolders, we can achieve the efficiency, which results in a cost savings for our customers due to reduction of time of Assembly and disassembly of scaffolds.

We apply in all operations an intense focus on the client; We seek continuous improvement to maximize the performance of the project.

Simples Oil & Gas recognizes that our most important asset is our people, and our fitters are trained in accordance to the highest standards of scaffolding practices.

Simples Oil & Gas can provide the following types of scaffolding for the oil and gas industry:

  • Working Platform-for normal maintenance, equipment repair and regular checks.
  • Structure of elevation (Lifting frames)-. To help raise the heavy equipment where there is no crane or hoist available.
  • Support scaffold (Loadbearing scaffold) – to carry heavy loads, to the loading dock in inversions and temporary closures.
  • Scaffolding-for industrial use such as refineries, factories and construction.
  • Special applications of Scaffolding-like support (Cradles), suspended scaffolding and scaffolding (Canter-lever scaffolding).
  • Temporary access – and ladders.